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    It is the seventh time that Bouwe Bekking is participating in the Volvo Ocean Race - for the third time as skipper. He considers maintaining oversight, remaining calm, intervening, proposing alternatives and taking decisive action to be his most important tasks as a team
    leader. There is very little that he has not yet experienced, including the worst nightmare of any sailing team: having to leave a sinking ship. ‘That was the hardest decision ever,’ he says, ‘but with ten lives at stake, the only right thing to do. Also my best team experience ever.

    Once back on shore I called the crew together to let them get everything off their chests and talk about it openly and honestly. Where did the pain come from? Was it me? Everyone makes mistakes, even me too. So if they had doubts about my decisions, I wanted to hear it. I am very clear about that. Did anyone want to leave? That was fine too. No hard feelings. In the end the biggest bottleneck turned out to be that the team had no more confidence in the shore crew. The cause of all the trouble may have been a construction fault, but I still decided to replace the team leader of the shore crew to restore the confidence of the men. And no one left.


    tough decisions

    Despite the repeated problems with the Movistar, the men never lost their motivation or their confidence in each other. The ambition to sail the Volvo is so great that it does not just disappear when things get rough. That leg we arrived very late, but in the next leg we finished second and were the first to reach the waypoint. As a team we were good. Even though we did not finish the race, everyone can look back on a fantastic team performance. A team that, even in the most precarious of situations, did not become stressed and kept a cool head. It was just perfect. It is a bitter pill to swallow if you do not win or have to pull out of the race, but life goes on. After all, it’s only a race. Admittedly, it is an extremely tough race for which you have to train for many years, but you also have to keep both feet planted firmly on the ground. I am very level-headed about that.’

    Read the whole interview with Bouwe Bekking about "Tough decisions" online.

    Source "Improving Teams"
    by Uitgeverij Thema. 


    Leg 7 Newport - Lisbon


    In today's abundance of information, making decisions requires new skills to assess what you need and when you know enough to make decisions.

    I rely completely on my guys and give them full responsibility

    Bouwe Bekking - skipper

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    In today’s abundance of information, making decisions requires new skills to assess what you need and when you know enough to make decisions. You will learn decision making techniques as part of an interactive and structured approach to problem solving.

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    The Volvo Ocean Race consists of 9 legs that are relevant for tying into Schouten’s communication. Each leg goes to a different country. .

    We will focus on a content theme in each leg, based on Schouten Global’s services. In fact, we select the ‘gauges’ among our products to highlight the similarities between daily practice in businesses and the developments of Bouwe and his team. And of course to clarify Schouten Global’s role in this process. 

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    Effective Decision Making
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