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    the team compass

    The team compass is a tool that can be used to compile a development plan with your team for a period of usually one year, running parallel with your organisation’s budget cycle.

    In order to become – and continue to be – an effective team, you and your team will explore:
    • the objectives to be defined in terms of content (contribution to the organisation)
    • team development objectives to be achieved (competencies)
    • cooperation objectives needed in order to become a healthy (or healthier) team.

    Judging by our experience in working with teams, there is a good chance that sooner or later unhealthy teams will have difficulty achieving their objectives. An important guideline in defining objectives is to define only the most important, essential objectives in your team compass. Your efforts should focus on the core of the matter, and not on completeness. This is sometimes hard for teams with perfectionists among their members.

    improving your team: the team compass

    The team compass differs from other team development plans because of the explicit attention it devotes to this question: ‘As a team, what obstacles do we face and what could help us?’ In our experience, teams often and usually unintentionally fail to ask themselves confrontational questions such as ‘Why are we incapable of doing the things we say we want to do, year after year?’ and
    ‘Why do we keep saying we want to do these things?’. These confrontational questions can help the team identify collective cause and effect loops that are preventing them from working in an effective way. Individual team members are often aware of these loops but never discuss them, let alone attempt to resolve them. In the process of compiling a team compass, you and your team will
    be challenged to identify these dysfunctional loops and to replace them with functional ones, including making agreements about what needs to be done to avoid falling back into similar patterns.

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    "Improving your team" online.

    Source "Improving Teams"
    by Uitgeverij Thema. 


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    We believe that business performance improves when individual leaders become more effective. People learn more quickly and more easily if they have an inspiring ambition in their sights; when their personal values are connected to those of the company. When their talents are used and brought to fruition. Our approach to learning is therefore based on the compelling power of the compass. Together we determine the departure point and the available equipment. In doing this we focus on the qualities and talents that enable employees to achieve their goals. And in doing so we improve the performance of the business The energy released during this process helps employees to grow and to overcome obstacles. We dig deep where necessary, and we fly high where we can! This is not just our belief, it is an approach that has been validated by research. And we’ve seen that it works. Every day we empower people!

    Succesful companies know where they want to go and they know why

    Anje-Marijcke van Boxtel, Schouten Global, coach Team Brunel

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    The Volvo Ocean Race consists of 9 legs that are relevant for tying into Schouten’s communication. Each leg goes to a different country. .

    We will focus on a content theme in each leg, based on Schouten Global’s services. In fact, we select the ‘gauges’ among our products to highlight the similarities between daily practice in businesses and the developments of Bouwe and his team. And of course to clarify Schouten Global’s role in this process. 

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