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    What was Anje-Marijcke looking for in the first selection? ‘For a race such as this you need a super talented crew that continues to develop. You just don’t know how the race will be. The Volvo Ocean Race is such an uncertain and complex adventure. It requires enormous flexibility and creativity. Average is not enough. Definitely an analogy with the business community that also lives in a VUCA world [volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous] which changes on the spot.

    In my compass vision, excellent results begin with your values and these are directly linked to your dream, your ambition. When your values are set, ambition has an enormous pulling power on talent and enables you to make powerful choices. Ambition strengthens your resilience, optimism, hope, self-efficacy and your self-confidence, in other words: your psychological capital. That motivates enormously and generates positive feelings. In turn, this acts as a buffer against negative feelings or stress, because when you know what you are doing it for, you can handle those negative feelings much better. In this way, you can achieve exceptional results.

    A values based approach to learning...

    Our approach to learning & development is based on the compelling power of the compass. It starts with the discovery of the core, our values. During this process, we create the foundation for a compelling, intensely motivational ambition. This in turn helps fuel and accelerate the learning process. Because we can identify with our ambition, we are able to make powerful choices, leading to transformational and sustainable change. 

    Read the chapter about 
    "Getting the right people on the boat" online.

    Source "Improving Teams"
    by Uitgeverij Thema. 

    Selection I

    Leg 1. Alicante - Cape Town

    Selection I

    Monday morning, January 13, 07:00. Meet with coffee. Many experts in the room. We are excited about it! 2 selection days for 20 sailors. They are being tested on their physical condition and personal progress. The Skipper, Bouwe Bekking, welcomes us. The Press enters and then the candidates.

    Twenty completely different people who exude passion for the race. Amazing to witness such a group who know exactly what their ambition is and why they are doing this. For all the members of the Volvo Ocean Race, without exception, this is their childhood dream come true! You simply know that saltwalter runs through their veins.

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    Selection II

    Leg 1 - Alicante, ESP

    Selection II

    The selection is an intense process, made up of three professions: 1) the sailing and racing skills were judged by Bouwe and Brunel, 2) the physical aspect was evaluated by Bergman Beweging, and 3) the psychological aspect (in other words, the team aspect) was determined by Schouten’s Marjo Louwers (Assessment Expert) and myself from the perspective of Team Coach. Of the 20 candidates in Naarden, we chose six for three spots: two ‘under 30’s, and one above 30.

    It took 8 days to cross the distance between Southampton to Lanzarote with the Volvo 65. Heavy days in which much happened. It is such an opportunity to to be able to immediately see how the team gears up and performs under such severe cirmcumstances.

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    Selection III


    Selection III

    IJmuiden after the second crossing, middle of May. Hard decisions are being made. The learning curves were steep for Louis and Rokas. They are to become the two “under 30’s”. Timo made it to primary spare and in-shore sailor.

    With the arrival of Volvo Ocean Race veteran Laurent Pagès, Bouwe Bekking has completed his team.

    (From: Schouten Blog by Anje-Marijcke van Boxtel)

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    At Schouten Global we always launch with the individual and their personal development as the ‘starting point’. Here as well. Literally! With all of our expertise, we were perfectly suited to play a crucial role in the selection and guidance of a crew throughout their voyage of discovery during the past few months

    Marjo Louwers, selection and talent development specialist

    Keystone behaviours by


    Personal values and ambitions have a tremendous impact on your effectiveness, empowerment and motivation at work. You will learn how to bring out your best by addressing your strengths.

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    You will explore different communication styles and how you can adapt these to the person and the situation whilst remaining authentic and reaching a positive outcome for you and the organisation.

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    The Volvo Ocean Race consists of 9 legs that are relevant for tying into Schouten’s communication. Each leg goes to a different country. .

    We will focus on a content theme in each leg, based on Schouten Global’s services. In fact, we select the ‘gauges’ among our products to highlight the similarities between daily practice in businesses and the developments of Bouwe and his team. And of course to clarify Schouten Global’s role in this process. 

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