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  • The talent–selection days Team Brunel

    20/01/2014 | Naarden

    In this 'Schouten Blog' Anje-Marijcke van Boxtel (director coaching Schouten Global and coach of Team Brunel) writes, among other things, about her experiences in the talent-selection process, the training sessions on Lanzarote, her presence in the ports of the stop-overs of the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015.

    We are looking forward to it!
    Monday morning, January 13, 07:00. Meet with coffee. Many experts in the room. We are excited about it! 2 selection days for 20 sailors. They are being tested on their physical condition and personal progress. The Skipper, Bouwe Bekking, welcomes us. The Press enters and then the candidates. Shirt exchange, you know the images. Then we begin!

    Twenty completely different people who exude passion for the race. Amazing to witness such a group who know exactly what their ambition is and why they are doing this. For all the members of the Volvo Ocean Race, without exception, this is their childhood dream come true! You simply know that saltwalter runs through their veins.

    This is for real!
    Our expertise in the field of team work and personal development played a crucial role in the two test days. We looked for answers to such questions as: What are their talents, and what is their potential? Which unique skill does the candidate bring to the team? How do they react to tension and stress? There is an extraordinary amount of combined experience, and then you get to hear the stories of how minds stay clear and crises are averted, how situations are quickly analyzed, how through concentration and focus the lead is taken, and the path chosen is clear.

    My colleague, Marjo Louwers, and I took a look at which combinations of people work well together in order to achieve optimal cooperation and perfomance. It is about the qualities of the individual, particularly their unique character differences: bonding on the basis of diversity makes a team even stronger. Always agreeing may seem easier, but is not always so.

    Impressive was the openness in most of the conversations: you sense ‘this is for real’. They are going to encounter situations which come down to personality, so total committment is the name of the game!

    Focused on Improvement
    With regard to collaboration for these talented people, the challenge is to create one team which will excel; they are each accustomed to making choices and decisions and to setting their own courses. At the same time, they are all aware of the crucial importance of transcending cooperation. They illustrate their actions in tense situations; how they act, how they overreacted in specific instances, and what they have learned from that. Their viewpoint stems from the perspective that this race will demand the utmost of their capabilities. As geared toward competing as they are, to achieving and to winning, they are also focused on improving.

    Following two days of converations, impressive rowing tests, and coffee drinking, the experts in the Brunel Team have bonded.We are working through our findings, and are talking about the candidates under the leadership of the skipper. Impressive how physical fitness, sailing and psychology are all in line with one another! Later that week,Team Brunel Skipper, Bouwe Bekking, announced the members chosen to participate in the Volvo Ocean Race.

    An Amazing View
    You know the names by now. Without exception, these sailors all have complete trust in and respect for the Skipper. And Bouwe feels the same about his selection. We are clear about where each member’s potential lies and how best it can be developed. An exciting prospect which can later help this team exert its combined strength, and to excel in the race!

    Nothing from this blog may be reproduced without written permission from Anje-Marijcke van Boxtel of Schouten Global.

    Update Team Brunel, January 20, 2014 
    by Anje-Marijcke van Boxtel, Director Coaching - Schouten Global
    Coach - Team Brunel in the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15

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