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    Schouten Global not only sponsors Team Brunel; we are also especially proud of the fact that we coach Skipper Bouwe Bekking and his crew. All yachts in the 2014-2015 Volvo Ocean Race are identical - placing the emphasis squarely on the crew. It is the crew that makes the difference - and they must surpass their current ability to withstand both the competition and the extreme circumstances under which they compete. There is an analogy to this in day-to-day business. Business leaders and businesses also establish a competitive difference by extracting maximum performance from themselves and from their employees. Enabling this process is Schouten Global's field of expertise.

    Interested in hearing more from Anje-Marijcke van Boxtel, Director of Coaching at Schouten Global - and of her experiences as the Team Brunel coach? Do you want an insight into professional sporting performance under the most challenging circumstances - and how to survive them? Sport has strong parallels and applications in daily business practice. We would be delighted to offer you these insights in the course of a meeting with Anje-Marijcke or one of our other coaches.

    Press release 13-03-2015

    Crew switch Team Brunel; about risks and opportunities
    Until now Team Brunel sailed the Volvo Ocean Race with the same compilation/composition. All the other teams had to deal with switches of the crew earlier/before. Team Brunel planned to change nothing, but all of a sudden/suddenly had to deal with the injury of Laurent Pagès, wherefore the team affectedly had to search for replacement/substitution, Director Coaching Schouten Global, Anje-Marijcke van Boxtel, looks back at the events of this week.

    Leadership: dare to make choices quickly
    It’s Tuesday afternoon when Laurent Pagès himself tells/brings out the news to the team at the crew meeting: because of two broken ribs he is no longer able to join the next/upcoming leg. The toughest and most beautiful leg during the Volvo Ocean Race, the Kings Leg. Of course he is severely/heavily disappointed and sad that he has to quit/leave/resign/back out right/especially at this moment. The team is shocked, it’s/this comes completely unexpected. Then there is the adjustment, there isn’t much time to get/bring in a substitute. The Inport Race starts on Saturday already, the substitute has to come from Europe. Right away Bouwe Bekking goes in consultation with Laurent, his crew/sailors and campaign director Gideon Messink to find a full substitute for the leg towards the Brazilian Itajai. Like a good skipper should, Bouwe Bekking unties the knot/decides quickly and that same night they find a good replacement in Dirk de Ridder.

    Changing; risk or opportunity?    
    De Ridder is very experienced and has won, among other, the Volvo Ocean Race once before. He knows the leg has navigated with Bouwe Bekking more/quite often. Very important at this stage, because up till/until now Team Brunel always has sailed in the same compilation. He has arrived in Auckland last Friday and got started right away. For the team process it’s a risk, because relatively unknown and unexercised/untrained crewmember comes/gets on board. At the same time, a change always is an opportunity as well. What will this change do to the team culture?

    Making clear the team culture
    With the team we prepare the collaboration with Dirk de Ridder. A new crew member can mean a fresh start, after two disappointing fifth places. What it comes down to now is to make Dirk part of the team in a very short time. By getting him used to the boat quickly and to the team culture as well. By making clear agreements about what the mutual goal is, what they (do) expect from each other and how they address one another. And by admitting that there will be some changes for sure. 
    When/If we are, out of/based on the solid team identity, open for new perspectives, the team will grow even more. Everything to optimize the team spirit intended for a very heavy/tough, beautiful and successful race around Cape Hoorn. The first week of April, when the boats are expected at Itajai, we will find out what the crew switch has done to Team Brunel.



    press release 30-01-2015 

     "Disappointment sharpens will-powered Team Brunel
    for perpetuation

    Team Brunel has confidence in the perpetuation of the Volvo Ocean Race. Despite the disappointment about their fifth place in the third leg, the team is very motivated for the following legs. Schouten Globals team coach Anje-Marijcke van Boxtel marks that the team possesses a lot of will-power and focuses completely to the upcoming legs.

    According to Bekking, the atmosphere on board was very good, despite the disappointing ending. “We’re all still in one piece and the boat is still in good condition. You win some, you lose some. Unfortunately we lost this time”. > read more            

    Tip: Interview with Jan Schouten and Anne Schouten-van Hooft. 



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    press releases 

    Press release: 13-12-2014
     "Excellent team performance Team Brunel
    at the Volvo Ocean Race

    Today Team Brunel has won the second leg of the Volvo Ocean Race. Skipper Bouwe Bekking and his team finished first at Abu Dhabi and now takes a shared first place at the general ranking in the world’s most challenging sailboat race. The win also led to celebration at Team Brunel’s sponsor Schouten Global. In addition to being a sponsor, Schouten Global also deployed the coach of the team, out of her specialties team performance and leadership development. 
    > read more            

    Interview Anje-Marijcke van Boxtel about 
    Creating High Performance Teams. 
    Source: Improving Teams, Uitgeverij Thema.     




    Press release: 11-11-2014
     "Schouten Global wants a foothold in South Africa"

    Schouten Global is more than a sponsor's name on the sail of Dutch entry Team Brunel in the Volvo Ocean Race. Schouten Global is part of the Schouten & Nelissen group, Dutch market leaders in the training and coaching of soft skills, leadership and organization development.  Schouten Global has a dual role in Team Brunel. In addition to being a sponsor, the company has also deployed one of its top trainers to the team, for a year.... > read more                 


    Press release: 10-01-2014
    "Schouten Global sponsors Dutch team in VOR 2014-15"

    Schouten Global, the professional training company, will back Bouwe Bekking’s Team Brunel as sponsor for the next Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15. Schouten Global, parent company to training institute Schouten & Nelissen, has signed a contract with Sailing Holland and title sponsor Brunel International. The 12th edition of the Volvo Ocean Race will start on October 4th 2014 in Alicante (Spain) and ends on June 27th 2015 in Gothenberg (Sweden)... > read more


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