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  • Ocean race stimulates global thinking

    09/06/2015 | Zaltbommel


    Schouten Global has circled the globe with Team Brunel. An amazing adventure, with great results according to CEO Jos van Kessel. 'I am particularly impacted by the effects on our own organization of our Team Brunel Volvo Ocean Race sponsorship and its related stopover activities. It has really boosted our organization's ability to think global - and our clients like it because it appeals to their own international ambitions.'

    International mindset
    'It is well known that we have big ambitions in terms of international growth. As an international training institute, we want to lead the global market. And we are well on our way, with a worldwide network of 700 trainers, coaches and consultants and with clients in more than 40 countries. The many activities we have centered on this race around the world have noticeably boosted our organization's global thinking. It is not a total culture change, but it has certainly changed aspects of our mindset. Which is to be expected. Traveling the world with Team Brunel has enabled us to build our international profile during stopovers, using seminars, and to have conversations with visitors and prospective clients in their own surroundings. That really works, makes it more tangible and almost forces one to think more internationally. I have noticed that we have become more opportunity orientated. Our people are now more into expressing their international ambitions. And it triggers new ideas about the best strategies for particular regions. In short, there is more buzz, more fizz. I think that is fantastic. And it has all got to do with the race.'

    Clients like our audacity
    'International response has also been positive. Clients like the fact that we dared to take a stand on our ambitions and abilities by taking on this incredible adventure, with all its attendant risks. It appeals to ambitions that they also cherish. Our international caravan of seminars and the way Anje-Marijcke van Boxtel has been coaching Team Brunel have given us a great platform on which to build a distinct profile in the global arena. It gives customers a clearer picture of exactly what we do and how this could benefit them in the areas of leadership, coaching and team development. Which, in turn, adds to the conviction our international professionals bring to their contacts with large, international clients. It has been a great door opener to organizations that were previously less approachable.  

    It is too early to quantify the effects of this in terms of increased turnover. But I am convinced that maintaining this adventurous profile will certainly deliver results over time.'

    Routemap keymessages.jpg

    Unfailing commitment
    'The courage to carry on, even when results are not immediately visible, or perhaps even disappointing, also characterizes Team Brunel. The sailors’ turbulent environment is, of course, a great metaphor for the complex and rapidly changing environment in which organizations operate. The race crew mentality sets a valuable example for every organization. Sailors deal with each situation as it presents itself, in the moment, while racing or during a stopover. They are never discouraged, always flexible, always searching for the opportunities and challenges that will change the game. Their unfailing commitment and resilience shows daring and courage - and is incredibly inspiring.'   


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    Profile: Jos van Kessel

    Jos van Kessel has been CEO of Schouten Global since 1 February 2015. His main task is achieving the organization's national and international ambitions to grow. Before this, he has been CEO of a number of companies, including the Laurens Simonse Groep, IPV Opleiding & Training and People in Transfer. He studied International Business Law at Ghent University, and Business & Tax Law and Treasury Management & Control at Tilburg University.

    About this challenge Van Kessel says: 'Learning and developing have been the central theme of my own career. Schouten & Nelissen have always been leaders in their category. I want to ensure that we continue to play the role of innovator. My priorities are the further development of sales, innovation, national and international growth and our collaboration with other parties.'


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