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    Team Brunel 2nd place overall

    Gothenburg: Monday 22 June 2015
    After a blood-curdling final leg, Team Brunel has succeeded in defending its second place in the Volvo Ocean Race overall ranking. The Dutch sailing team crossed the finish line in Gothenburg in second place. 

    “We’re incredibly happy with second place,” said a visibly elated Bouwe Bekking on the quayside in Gothenburg. “The lads have done fantastic work. We can honestly look each other in the eye and say that we did our best. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing was simply the best team. I’d like to congratulate them on their victory here and now.” 

    The second place also led to celebration at Team Brunel’s sponsor Schouten Global. In addition to being a sponsor, Schouten Global also deployed the coach (Anje-Marijcke van Boxtel) of the team, out of her specialties team performance and leadership development. 




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    Seminars Leadership

    The Human Factor

    Experience the unique approach of Schouten Global and discover how individuals, teams and organisations can become high performers in challenging environments.

    Visit our Leadership - The Human Factor seminars at the impressive Dome, within the race village of the Volvo Ocean Race. And meet Anje-Marijcke and other crew members!

    The Human Factor

    1/3 - Our story


    The Volvo Ocean Race is considered one of the most challenging sailing boat team races in the world. One boat, eight people, around the world as fast as possible under difficult conditions. All boats in this race are identical. The crew explicitly makes the difference. They will have to rise above themselves in order to be able to face the competition and the ever-changing conditions.

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    Coach Team Brunel

    2/3 - Our story

    Coach Team Brunel

    As a worldwide trainer of leaders and teams, we are a partner to Team Brunel in the Volvo Ocean Race. With Anje-Marijcke van Boxtel as the coach to skipper Bouwe Bekking and his team, we are committed to supporting Bouwe during the entire race in his leadership role, enabling him to optimise team work. Team Brunel is empowered by Schouten Global for good reason.

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    3/3 - Our story


    We can see the same in daily life in business. This is also where leaders and their teams make the difference when managing maximum performance, bringing out the best in both themselves and their colleagues. This is the key to success in the business environment. This is Schouten Global’s domain.

    To put it simply: we enhance people by deploying them in their strengths. We let people rise above themselves. This is translated into our campaign theme: EMPOWER! Who would not want that!

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    When coaching this team, I see a compact form of everything I come across in corporate life. As the CEO of the sailing crew, Bouwe determines the colour, dynamics and tone of the team, to start with the comparison. Our vision is to manage in a style that reflects the person you are. Bouwe is a fine example of that.

    Anje-Marijcke van Boxtel, Schouten Global, coach Team Brunel

    How we do it

    Compass Vision

    Our approach to learning? Driven by values and building on strengths, our approach to learning according to the Compass Vision enables your people to achieve high performance in a complex, interconnected world that is moving at an unprecedented pace. We go deep when we need to and fly high when we can.

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    To ensure alignment with your strategic objectives, we help you determine which keystone behaviors drive your business. Focusing on those skills that make your business successful, and providing clear direction and framework will result in higher performance and more effective collaboration.

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    Worldwide delivery

    In delivering a global learning programme, consistency is crucial. Our Operational Excellence Formula ensures consistent roll-out of programmes, at any location in the world. Taking into account not only the content and multicultural context of the programme, but also all aspects related to logistics.

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